Medical Services
What medical services are offered?

specialists (cardiologists, ophthalmologist, gynecologist, urologist)

What are the opening hours? every day and Saturday morning: there is always a family doctor available

Are there consultations available in the evenings or on weekends? Saturday morning and evening until 6:30 p.m.
Do you offer walk-in consultations? YES

Accessibility and Comfort
Where is the medical center located? IN FRONT OF THE TRAIN STATION

Is it easily accessible by public transport? VERY MANY OPTIONS: TRAINS, TRAMWAYS, BUSES
Is there parking available for patients? UNDER CORNAVIN STATION
friendly waiting rooms

Staff and Quality of Care

Do practitioners follow continuing training? Yes of course
We manage emergencies and refer to HUG if necessary

Technology and Innovation
Do you use modern technologies for diagnosis and treatment?

Do you offer remote consultations (teleconsultations)? Yes

Administration and Finance
What are the arrangements for making an appointment?

Can we make an appointment online? yes via one doc and our own system
Do you accept different health insurances? yes we have a payment agreement directly through insurance in most cases

What are the costs for a standard consultation?

Patient Experience
How do you handle patient feedback and complaints? we offer to meet and listen to patients’ grievances

Are there support services to help patients navigate the health care system? Yes

Monitoring and Prevention
Do you offer prevention and monitoring programs (vaccinations, screenings, etc.)? yes almost systematically
Environment and Community Engagement
Does the medical center participate in public health or community initiatives? Yes

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